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KX-HTS32 Basic control unit
Brand Panasonic
Barcode 41374
Art.code KX-HTS32NE
List price € 595,00
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Main Unit with 4 LAN ports, 1 USB port, 1 Serial port - Rack Kit, 50 Normal Users A/K included, Max. 1000 Users/ devices Capacity.
Brand Panasonic
Barcode 41276
Art.code KX-NSX1000EX
List price € 1990,00
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SIP Office Desk Phone 6 regel LCD ( 2x Poe port / excl. Adapter ) + DSS console
Brand Panasonic
Barcode 30483
Art.code KX-UT136NE-B
List price € 205,00
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Welcome on the official website of TENDIS.

TENDIS has been active in the telecom market since 1999 and is a value distributor for Panasonic PBX/SIP and CCTV products.

TENDIS is not just a box moving distributor but sees the importance to guide and support our dealers in presale, sale and aftersales solutions where needed.

We offer remote support for our dealers when needed with an experienced team in Panasonic PBX/SIP & CCTV products.

TENDIS is also the distributor that provides training sessions for our dealers, for more information about the dates of those trainings, please check out de training section on our website.

If you would like more information about one of our products, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales responsibles:

For English and Flemish speaking customers:
Vincent Van de Vijver
+32 497/323.237

For French speaking customers:
Calogero Marsala    
+32 495/205.099